New ECB Accredited Level 2 Coaches

I’m delighted to confirm that Radyr CC has four new ECB Accredited Level 2 Coaches. The four who deserve the congratulations are Simon Kingsbury, Martin Lamb, Steven Sanders and Jez Rhys and they became aware of their success on Tuesday.

To achieve this qualification is incredibly time consuming and includes course taught studies, on-line study, on-line assessment and six supported sessions. All in all it probably totalled a couple of hundred hours of study which is a huge commitment to the individuals involved. This result will allow the club to continue its exemplary development of our youngsters now and into the future.

Can I also thank Carl Norman who worked with the four coaches on their six supported sessions. Once again Carl, our latest Life Vice President, helped out the club as he has done for more years than he probably cares to remember.

Chris Hitchings

Chairman, Radyr Cricket Club