Radyr Chain Article – December 2021

“I assume that very little happens at the club at this time of the year and you can have a bit of a break?”, said my non cricketing acquaintance. I smiled, and just as I was about to reply, I thought to myself: only two AGMs, indoor nets for juniors and seniors, repairing and cleaning various parts of the inside and outside of the pavilion, writing articles for magazines, agreeing new marketing initiatives, checking the 2022 fixtures and signing new players. No I said after a slight pause, not much happens pre Christmas!!!!! 

For those people who have never been involved with a sports club, especially one the size of RCC, it is difficult to comprehend the complexities involved. The members have to have some expertise in property, finance, building and a dozen other disciplines and that is even before the sport begins on the field. I have been a member of the club since the late 1960s and seen it steadily grow from fielding one side on a Saturday, to five. To now having an extensive Junior section and a formal hard ball Womens XI. The club has the turn over of a small business, and over the last few years, in addition to its usual commitments on and off the pitch, has been engaged in virtually rebuilding the pavilion, adding two new changing rooms at the same time, whilst installing fences and a dedicated path for walkers. All of this project managed internally by members, adding another discipline to that list.

One of the AGMs I mentioned above was the club’s, the first one since 2019. Last year’s was cancelled due to Covid as it fell during lockdown and this year we took no chances: hiring the Old Church Rooms to ensure members could socially distance. After we exchanged respective Risk Assessments with the Community Council the meeting took place, but not before apologies were received from six people who had mild Covid, had come into contact with someone who had Covid and who had relatives with Covid. It was to me a salutary lesson that the disease was still very much with us. The meeting itself was very successful and was helped by two very good presentations, especially the one that concentrated on the club’s physical assets. It went through the period from the River Taff’s flood in February 2020 to today and the attached photographs show what the ground was like after Storm Dennis and a few weeks ago: a huge amount of hard work and the generosity of many, pulled the club back from the brink of oblivion.

So what lays in store for the club as the Christmas period comes upon us? Well I suppose the hope that the 2022 season will be without any Covid restrictions, the ‘cricket tea’ so beloved of most recreational cricketers will reappear, the wonderful changing facilities the club now possesses will be in full operation and hand sanitiser breaks might be a thing of the past. What I do know is that the club will receive the support of the businesses of Radyr and Morganstown and already I have made contact with a few who are delighted to help the club and help themselves at the same time. The club has a large amount of marketing opportunities, suitable for any local business, from sponsoring balls for a game, sponsoring the game itself or taking an advertisement in and around the ground. One such opportunity currently available is placing an advertisement on the club’s new covers: the last ones lasted ten years, so for £500, a business can have a visible presence every day of the year for the next decade, that costs approximately £1 per week. I can’t imagine any better marketing offer anywhere in the whole of South Wales. Please contact me on christopherhitchings@btinternet.comif any of these opportunities are of interest.

So all that remains from me is to wish all of the club’s members, everybody who lives in Radyr and Morganstown and all our friends where ever they may be, a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous and safe 2022.

Christopher Hitchings – Radyr Cricket Club