The 2015 Radyr Cricket Club Fantasy League is here!

To support our 125th Anniversary celebrations, we’re trying to spruce up the club yet further with some impressive signage and at the same time getting every member to be interested in every game. For example, we want the 1st XI to follow the progress of the 4th XI and we want the juniors to spur the senior sides on – all based on their fantasy league selections!

You’ll see from the valuations, that 2014 performance, availability and also your side (the 1st/2nd XI tend to play more than the 3rd/4th XI etc due to ground covers etc) are key factors – every player will be vital to you!

You have £7000 to spend and you must pick 11 players. There is no limit to the amount from each senior side and there is no compulsory structure to your team. The rules of the competition are attached and you must select your side via the following weblink . Points start this weekend (2nd May, 2015) so get going!

There is no limit to as how many teams you can enter, but make sure that you name them differently! The scores will update each and every week and there will be a weekly prize alongside the grand end-of-season award. The amount of entries we have, will determine the value of the prizes and ultimately the quality of the new signage at the ground as every penny goes into this pot! We estimate around 100 teams minimum, so get completing via the weblink and get the money down to the club this weekend!

Teams for senior players will be £10 and £5 for junior members (and those still hanging on to an NUS card!)

Good luck & we await your entries!

Cheers, Rhys Lloyd

Radyr CC Fantasy League Rules