Please find attached the Winners Circle for the fourth week of the 2015 season.

Congratulations this week to Archie Clegg for being the Manager of the Week (523 points) and also to Huw Williams for a brilliant hundred at Chepstow which has earned him 146 points. Nick’s Knights are still leading the overall competition with 1337 points (Archie is closing in though on 1324)…

Radyr CC Fantasy League Winners Circle

I did (for some reason) suggest last week this week would see the transfer window open. Can I therefore remind you that every team has 2 transfers allowed (additional transfers put an extra £2.50 into the prize fund). If you wish to change your team please email me with your request before next Saturday (11.59pm Friday night)…I’ll make a note of how many transfers you’ve had & based on how mental it makes my spreadsheet, I’ll make a call on how long the transfer window stays open!

Can I also take this opportunity to nag all those who have yet to pay, to please do so this week. I’m meeting with the sign people in the next few days, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the benefits of this league are there for all to see!