RCC AGM 15th November

At last Sunday’s AGM attended by over 30 members it was a time of continuity as there were no changes in either the senior officers of the Management Board or the four Saturday team captains.

However there was one major change and that was the club’s Patron where Bob King decided earlier this year that he wished to stand down at the end of 2015. The meeting thanked Bob for all his efforts in the role and being a great supporter of the club He has been replaced by Paul Kyte and it seems to have been a popular choice if the round of applause that followed his very emotional acceptance speech was anything to go by.

The Chairman reminded all those present that the Christmas Raffle will be on Sunday 20th December in the clubhouse at 11.00am.

Please contact Nick White if you haven’t received your tickets. As usual bring a couple of prizes to make the raffle go with a swing.