RCC Fantasy League week 8 & 9

Congratulations to Andrew Steadman for winning the manager of the week award for week 8! He just managed to pip Jess Clegg by 1 point – the tightest week yet!

Radyr CC Fantasy League Winners Circle week 8

Congratulations this week go to Tom Morris, who’s side Mozzarella CC, racked up a new Radyr Fantasy record of 524 points. I suspect that could be topped this week with T20 points counting, but remains a big total for a regular league weekend.

On the overall prize, it is also getting tight. Nick’s lead is not as it once was and Huw is hot on his heels. Can they maintain their positions with 10 weeks to go? As the typical holiday season approaches, I figure that careful planning and team changes could be a deciding factor!

Radyr CC Fantasy League Winners Circle week 9

As a side note, I have decided it is only fair to include the T20 competition into the Fantasy League. So Week 10 should have some bumper points & I guess this is one of the reasons that the 1st & 2nd XI players typically carry a higher price tag.