RCC Winter Nets 2019

I hope you have wintered well!  It seems that spring has sprung early and with that, let me drag your minds to the warmer climes of summer and cricket!!

You will have had some correspondence already and many of you will know but we start our winter nets proper, this time next week.  Wednesday the 6th of March 8-9pm we have 5 lanes in total.

This is an increase on the number of lanes we had last year but we start a little later.  The aim is to have a better, more consistent practice night with the flexibility to add and remove bowling machines on the evening as required as well as offering coached cricket.  That said this does hinge on everyone turning up on time!  Cricket Wales will have the hall beforehand and we will find that it will be all open, no machines set up and no nets pulled into lanes etc etc. They do have a tendency to have a group chat at the end of session right up to the close of their allotted time.  Having numbers there will help chivvy them along.

Arriving 5 minutes early means we can set up, get batsmen ready for the session and allot bowlers/set the net rota and therefore maximise our time.  Please try and help me with this as I want everyone to feel they are getting full use of the sessions, a lot of planning does go into how it operates and dismantling a machine net to allow for latecomers means multiple people miss out. If you cant make it please try and let me know.

Everyone is busy and other commitments may mean that Wednesday is a struggle.  For this reason we will be running a 2 lane Saturday net for anyone that cant make a Wednesday that week, wants to work on anything in particular or just needs to bowl/hit/catch some balls.

These sessions are planned with the best will in the world to offer every member good quality practice as part of the pre season.  If you have any further requirements or would like to get some coaching please do let me know we can make it happen.

I look forward to seeing you next week!