RCC Youth Coaching

As you are aware Radyr Cricket Club Youth section has about 150 players and is a vital part of the club.

Having such a thriving youth section brings funds into the club, support from Cricket Wales and provides the players for the future which is the lifeblood of any club. Without a thriving youth section we would not be able to play the senior cricket we now do.
In order to progress further we are planning on changes to the coaching structure including a head coach and possibly development groups at each age. These are changes supported by the ECB.

To do this we need more people to help with the coaching.
We would very much like some of the senior players to become Coaching assistants to help the existing Youth coaches to run the sessions. It is very good for the young players to have input and support from players in the senior teams.

We are not asking everyone who decides to help to make a massive commitment. You would not be expected to run session or organise teams. If you decide to become a coaching assistant we would ask you to help when you can, it may be 1 session a month or 1 a week, mainly during the youth season which runs from the beginning of May to the end of July.

If we can get enough coaching assistants then we will be able to greatly improve the standard of coaching and establish development groups for the youth players.

Therefore we have arranged a Coach Support Workers course to take place at the club on Sunday March 25th 2018. The course is just 2×3 hour sessions with a lunch break (refreshments provided). There would also be training in first aid and child safeguarding arranged.

If you would like to attend the course or would like more information please contact myself by email at thrthompson@hotmail.com, or mobile: 07813 052355.
or Emma Clegg, Youth Secretary at peteemarch@hotmail.co.uk

I hope you decide to get involved. Youth coaching is very rewarding and a great way to support your club.


Trevor Thompson
Youth Section Chairman
Radyr CC