Under 13’s 125 Celebration

As part of the 125th Anniversary celebrations an Under 13’s event will take place on Sunday 6th September starting at 10.30am. It will be a double wicket partnership competition and all registered members from last year will be able to participate. Each partnership will be selected via a draw at the beginning of the day, and depending on numbers of participants, will conclude at approximately 5.30pm. Each partnership will play at least two short format games during the day with eliminated players and those waiting to play being required to field. This will happen on a rotation basis with the aim being to give everyone equal playing time.

The plan is to have a “cricket tea” at approximately 2.00pm and for everyone to bring a donation of food that can be shared amongst the players and spectators.

This is the penultimate event of the formal 125th Anniversary celebration events and it is hoped that all members will come along and enjoy the day.