Radyr Cricket Club

Extension update

The final section of the exterior part of the extension project started earlier this week. Incorporating a new players patio and the second phase of the fencing, it should bring a new look to watching cricket at Radyr CC.


Radyr CC are delighted to confirm that the proposed game against the MCC, the world’s most famous cricket club, will take place on Friday July 23rd, 2021 at the riverside ground. The format of the game and the start time will be confirmed shortly. This will be the fourth occasion that the club will play the side based at Lord’s cricket ground, and replaces last season’s game which was cancelled due to the Covid restrictions. The club are delighted with this news and it shows the desire to provide a quality fixture list for its members throughout the season.

Christopher Hitchings – Chairman

RCC & the University of South Wales CC


Since the latter part of last year the club has been in discussions with the University of South Wales CC (USW) regarding the formation of a partnership. These discussions have involved members of the Management Board, playing members and the club captain, along with representatives of USW, and I’m pleased to confirm that agreement has now been reached.

What this will mean is that USW will use the RCC ground for their home fixtures. They have both a men’s and a women’s section and the games will be played on Wednesday afternoons. The partnership will mean more income for the club, greater bar takings and the name of RCC being spread farther and wider. The fixtures of USW will eventually be placed on the website and if received earlier enough within the 2021 Fixture Card.

Can I thank the club members involved in the discussions for their help and positivity, as well as those who initially gave council of previous experiences: their insight was vital. This is another great step for the club and ties us in with the second largest educational organisation in the south east Wales area. They have the reputation of being the dynamic, go ahead kid on the block, which is probably why this fit feels so right.

Christopher Hitchings
Radyr Cricket Club – Chairman

Shirt Competition Winner

Radyr Cricket Club are delighted to announce that the two winners of the competition, in the December issue of the Radyr Chain for a new club shirt are:

Lydia Bell and Mollie Richards.

The answers to the questions were:

i) 1890
ii) 3 lanes
iii) leg before wicket

RCC December Update


In September I promised I would write, giving you an update of all the things that have happened in the last few months involving the club and especially the potential for the delayed AGM. Unfortunately the situation has not improved and it could be argued that matters have got a lot worse, especially with the measures recently outlined by the First Minister. The Management Board will continuously monitor the regulations to see whether the club is able and believes it is safe, to hold a face to face meeting as we move into the new year. As an adjunct to a possible meeting I’m pleased to confirm that the Treasurer, as promised, released the Accounts to the MB, last month. Should any voting member wish to receive a copy please do not hesitate to contact me.

The running of the club has of course continued and it has been necessary to make decisions that would normally be in the gift of the members at an AGM. One such decision was the replacement for Richie Brown as Fourth XI skipper; he decided to step down at the end of last season. On behalf of the club can I thank him for his fantastic commitment and no little skill in steering the side so successfully, just missing out on promotion on a number of occasions. To replace Richie, the club identified the type of person, whose impactful leadership would go a long way in achieving the goal of closing the gap in divisions between the 3rd and 4th XIs. Following a few days of contemplation and making me sweat into the bargain, I’m delighted to announce that the new skipper is Dafydd Marsh. I’m convinced that he will be a wonderful leader on the field as well as a great addition to the selection board. Whilst talking about skippers the Ladies have also made a change: in 2021 Lydia Clements will be in charge. Hopefully next season will see a full Ladies programme and new visitors to Radyr. It goes without saying that both Dafydd and Lydia will require the support of all members and I have no doubt that this will be forthcoming.

The 2021 season is still some five months away but I anticipate receiving the League fixtures by the latter part of this month at the latest. I suspect that they won’t change much from those that were released this time last year. However whether the Covid regulations are still in force when the season begins is anyone’s guess, though the exciting news about vaccines does give hope that a full season might be possible. Again, any significant announcement, will be forwarded to you as soon as the information is received.

For next season whatever the regulations are concerning, sanitation breaks, teas, changing facilities etc, one thing is certain, the First XI will be playing in coloured kit. The only drawback with this change is that in the first year the games will be played with a red ball: however from 2022 this will become orange and mirror the Premier League. Whilst the First Division was mandatory the other divisions were allowed to change but the decision was voluntary. To discuss these issues the skippers met recently and decided, that as this would be a massive upheaval for the club, for the 2021 season, all sides except for the First XI, the Ladies and the Under 19s will play their cricket in whites. The only other significant change that members should be aware of relates to the Third XI, with their games now consisting of 40 overs a side, not the 45 as in the last few seasons. The status quo applies to the others.

The works on the ground and the clubhouse extension are ongoing and they take on a different look every day. Both the squares and outfields, which were reseeded in September, have begun to flourish and I am sure that they will look magnificent when the season begins. The path to the rear of the clubhouse, supplemented by the new fences, has already improved the surface of the outfield at the river end. The rerouting of hundreds of walkers and cyclists has meant that the grass, that was in previous winters constantly churned up, is being allowed to settle as it experiences no traffic whatsoever. Earlier this month new automatic sliding doors were installed as the main entrance to the extension takes shape. Completion should be early next year. Photographs of the new doors and all the other changes to the club can be viewed on the website, www.radyrcc.co.uk For those of you who haven’t visited the site for a while, if ever, I promise you it’s well worth a peek.

Finally I’m delighted that Jon has managed to get a few slots at the Sophia Gardens indoor school and it was great that Rod (Trotter) Lewis and Dave Woolston were seen donning their whites for the first time in quite a while. Hopefully they and the rest of the club will be able to enjoy a full season in 2021 as society puts this terrible disease behind us. Can I on behalf of the MB wish all of you and your families the compliments of the season and the hope that you stay safe.

Christopher Hitchings – Radyr CC Chairman

December Radyr Chain

As Christmas looms into view can I on behalf of all the club’s members wish all the readers of The Radyr Chain the compliments of the season. As the oldest sporting organisation in the villages of Radyr and Morganstown, the club is immensely proud of the part it plays in the life of the Parish. As the area expands with the new developments, the club looks forward to even more members and more visitors in the years ahead. To those who have never visited the ground might I suggest a stroll on a summer’s evening along the Taff with the river on one side and the ground on the other: is there a more attractive vista in the whole of Cardiff? Since 1890 Radyr CC has been playing the great game of cricket and introducing both boys and girls to this most sociable of clubs and I’m sure next season will be no exception.

Whilst this time of year is not really cricketing weather it is the period when the preparations for next season begin in earnest. The seeding that took place in September has now taken hold and both pitches have a verdant look which augurs well for 2021. The next task will be the first cut, an almost reverential moment, which sets the tone for how the ground will look for the next twelve months. The machines have been serviced, the captains chosen, the fixtures studied and suddenly the excitement starts to build: cricket is just around the corner.

The works in and around the club are proceeding and each day there are visible changes. The pavilion extension should be finished in January, which will be a minor triumph given all the obstacles the club has had to face. The front of the pavilion has been repainted and the rear elevations will get their turn in the Spring. A new patio adjoining the pavilion will be laid for the use of the players, their families and visitors and it should be a wonderful place from which to watch cricket. The management of the ground’s natural resources never stops, with another large tree falling courtesy this time of Storm Barbara, whilst the bushes and hedges are always in need of a trim. The result of all this work and especially the maintenance required to the trees, has left a large amount of logs lying around the periphery of the ground. As has been said to a number of people who have contacted either myself or other members, the logs can be taken though a minor contribution to club funds would be gratefully received.

The enthusiasm for the game and the club should never be underestimated and this year could well see the first ever net session on Christmas Day. The three lane nets were given a makeover following February’s flood, with the works helped by a significant donation and it would be a fitting testament to a challenging 2020 if the weather allowed the fun to proceed. Who knows, Santa, leg before wicket to an Elf, might make an interesting photograph for the next edition? Interestingly a number of years ago a member of the club actually suggested a game on Christmas Day only to be extremely miffed when no opposition could be found.

As it has been a difficult year for everyone and we all need a bit of cheering up I thought it would be fun if the club ran a Christmas competition. The two prizes will be Radyr CC tops, similar to that shown in the photograph. The wonderful shirts are sponsored by the estate agents Michael Graham Young and their support is greatly appreciated. The competition will be incredibly simple, open to members and non members, boys and girls, men and women. There will be three questions and the answers, along with the name of the entrant plus a telephone number should be sent to christopherhitchings@btinternet.com by no later than December 31, 2020. All correct answers will be placed in a hat and the winners chosen randomly. They will be informed by telephone in the first week of January.

The three questions are:

  1. When was the club formed?
  2. How many lanes are there in the club’s net facility?
  3. What does LBW stand for?

Can I wish everybody good luck with the competition and I look forward to seeing two people walking around the village in their new top.

Once again can I wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a wonderful cricketing 2021 from Radyr CC.

Christopher Hitchings

Radyr Cricket Club – Chairman

Sliding Doors at RCC

As part of the extension project new sliding doors were fitted yesterday. This will make access to and from the new changing rooms so much easier than in the past